Please, Close The Story

Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash

We are tired. We are crushed
We can’t through pass this forest
Our hearts are tearing and breaking into pieces
The track was full of thorns and will be full of thorns
We, such a fool, force ourselves to still walk in this forest
We, such a fool, hope there will be a wonderful place in this forest
And now, look at this, our hope is just a hope, nothing will be a real ones

We can’t take this anymore, our breath has shortened, our body’s full of wound
We can’t force ourselves to go deeper into this forest, it will kill me or you, or us
I think this is the right time to stop forcing something that won’t be happened
Let’s out from this forest, let the hope just be a hope, let’s give up on us
Let’s learn to let go, figure out what’s wrong with us, and move on
Let’s make yourself back to your home, and let me go with peace
We already tried our best, let’s close this with a tragic ending



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00’s generation who’s like write a little letter for you. uhm, sometimes a random stories too.